March 28, 2022 | By Peggy Hall |

If you care about your freedom — regardless of the state you live in — you’ll want to be on guard for these BAD BILLS that want to continue the covid cult and strip you of your rights.

Our friends over at Stand Up Sacramento just sent us this email with links to important letters you can read and send to your reps TODAY.

This is their message, please read it and take action:

“We are currently tracking 15 BAD bills and 8 GOOD bills. We are still scouring the legislation to see if there are more that need our attention.  We ask that you not sit back and see what happens with these. Bills can be killed in Committee but without people calling and emailing in, they’ll fly through.  It only takes 20 to 30 minutes to call your representatives.  PLEASE share this with your friends, family, church congregations and more.  Here are the 4 position letters we have sent off so far. Email a copy to your Assembly and Senate representatives or to share these with friends as well, to not just tell them about the bill but give them insight into why people Oppose or Support the bill.”

AB1993 – .

SB 1479 –

SB 1464 –

SB 871 –

And here are my own videos from the last several weeks about these BAD BILLS IN CALIFORNIA:

More bad bills in CA! Look what the bad guys are up to!

Bad bills in CA! Look at the tyranny against our children!

CA AB 1993 – CA requiring all employees and 1099’s to be jabbed

All hands on deck! Tune in today to Peggy to the Rescue at 4 pm pst to hear the latest on these bills.

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