Chicago School Council Votes Against Renewing Contracts with Cellular Firms

March 1, 2022 | 

Sutherland LSC nixes contracts with cellular firms

“The Sutherland Elementary School Local School Council (LSC) unanimously voted against renewing two contracts for cellular equipment that is installed on a smokestack at the school.

The celltower equipment will begin shutting down this summer, after the LSC voted 10-0 on Feb. 15 in the wake of the school community leading a petition drive to remove the equipment.

Over 260 people signed the petition, and several people expressed health concerns about the equipment at recent meetings.

“The process of any local school council is to be responsive to the community—and the community’s voice was very clear,” said Sutherland Principal Meg Burns, who was among voters on the contract. “We are entrusted by our neighborhood to serve the families of our neighborhood. As such, the vote was obvious.”

According to CPS, Sutherland has two celltower contracts—one with Cingular, which expires June 30, and another with Verizon, which expires in June 2023.

The online petition focused on the Cingular contract, but LSC Chair Jimmie Ambrose said the vote will end the deals for both contracts when they expire.”

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