Tell Your U.S. Congress member: Cosponsor and support H.R. 6415, to prohibit any scheme to create a digital FED currency!

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March 21, 2022 | By Campaign For Liberty | Link To Sign

H.R. 6415 was recently introduced in Congress, and it would prohibit the Federal Reserve from issuing a Central Bank Digital Currency.

This legislation is not only vital to protecting your financial privacy: It’s an opportunity to put your representative on record, right now, by demanding he or she cosponsor the bill and support its passage.

Campaign for Liberty is leading the effort to defend the financial privacy of Americans by calling on Congress to support and pass H.R. 6415.

Just by contacting your representative in Congress, you can demand they go on record defending your financial privacy and security as a cosponsor of H.R. 6415.

Every member of Congress needs to hear from We the People on this issue.

They need to know how critical this issue is to constituents like you.

As a famous senator once said, “When I feel the heat, I see the light.”

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