The Great Reset: Biden Steps on the Gas / OPPOSE Digital FED Currency_CBDC

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“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world”  -Henry Kissinger

March 12, 2022 | By Campaign For Liberty | Dr. Ron Paul | Link To Tell Your U.S. Congressman and Senators: OPPOSE any scheme to create a digital FED currency(CBDC) and protect competing cryptocurrencies! |

“Our battle against a cashless society where every financial transaction you make is controlled by government forces just got more critical.

Last week, we warned you about the Biden administration “considering” a radical plan to replace the U.S. dollar with a digital currency controlled by the government. Our warnings were clearly understated . . . now we see the regime is planning and preparing to end any privacy associated with financial transactions altogether.

Sure enough, with all eyes on the Ukraine and Russia, President Joe Biden quietly signed an executive order yesterday regarding “regulation and oversight” of private market cryptocurrencies and urging the Federal Reserve to accelerate its plans to develop a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

If Biden and his Deep State handlers get their way, government goons will know where everything you earn and spend ends up . . . even determining what you can and cannot purchase!

The statists took a fairly small step of moving toward a cashless society when they used the corona-crisis to announce a nationwide coin shortage. Stores from coast to coast had signs up telling you your purchase had to be made with exact change or electronically.

But now they are taking an even bigger step. We’re talking about the end of private financial transactions altogether.

Joe Biden and his Deep State and globalist pals are moving to destroy our independence as a country and as a people.

If there’s any one thing we must defend, it’s our right to our finances.

The very same statists pushing for CBDCs think it’s a good thing that gasoline is no longer affordable.

If they can prohibit you from driving a gasoline-powered truck, they will!

And these statists have no intention of limiting this Orwellian technology to your finances.

Don’t think this isn’t the other side of the coin to Bill Gates’ and Dr. Fauci’s calls for Vaccine Passports.

The authoritarians and their elite pals want nothing less than a complete digital ledger of every citizen’s entire life.

But they have a big problem: cryptocurrencies they cannot control have already spread around the world.

To the Federal Reserve that holds the reins on fiat money, competing currency is the mortal enemy.

Which is why you and I must vigorously defend this fundamental freedom.”


Link To Tell Your U.S. Congressman and Senators: OPPOSE any scheme to create a digital FED currency (CBDC)


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