Army Lt. Col. Issues Urgent Warning On Jab Mandates and Catastrophic V@XX Injuries

April 20, 2022 | By Stew Peters Network | Army Flight Surgeon Breaks Silence, Issues Urgent Warning: Drops Nukes On Pilot Jab Mandates

 LTC Long: …All of the c0vid vaccines that are out are EUA [Emergency Use Authorization]. There is not a single vial of approved vaxxine available to the general public. Therefore, all of the pilots flying that are vaxxinated would have to be vaxxinated with an EUA drug, which has not been approved, and so this is where we’re at, now we’re going to see the repercussions of that…


SP: “It’s concerningAnd you’ve seen the repercussions first hand, and you went and  testified before Senator Johnson’s round table. Why isn’t this causing an immediate stop in these mandates? Why is the DOD continuously still forcing this on people that are in the peak of their physical condition that are supposed to serve our country in combat?”


LTC Long: It’s truly mind blowing. C0vid posed extremely low threat to the armed forces and in court testimony even the defense health agency experts testified that we had only had 23 active duty soldiers who died of c0vid, and 93 total service members across all components and branches from the beginning of c0vid until now. 93. And although that’s very tragic, you have to put that into perspective, and think about the things that kill soldiers. Suicide is HUGE, and far overshadowing any effect that c0vid had on us.

Suicide, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, all of those things have killed more soldiers than c0vid. But the focus is on making them take the vaxxine, that does not stop transmission and it does not stop infection. So we’ve seen that, it’s been proven, that it does not decrease transmission it does not prevent you from getting the infection so when we started seeing huge numbers of soldiers who were fully vaxxinated, getting c0vid anyways, one should have said why would we kick soldiers out for a product that doesn’t even work?

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