Retired Col. Douglas Macgregor: America is waging a proxy war in Ukraine

April 22, 2022 | by:  | Photo Image

“(Natural News) Retired United States Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor doesn’t want any piece of the Russia-Ukraine war.

“I’m an American and I’m not interested in being involved in this war. I don’t think that we should involve ourselves in any way. I think waging a proxy war is what we’re doing right now,” McGregor told “The Dive” host Jackson Hinkle.

“Feeding the fires in Ukraine is very dangerous, especially since Ukraine sits right next door to Russia. This is not Vietnam where the Russians could supply some things and we were both remote from our respective countries. This is a proxy war that’s very dangerousbecause it sits right on the border with Russia.”

McGregor also stated that Americans haven’t seen the video tapes and photographs of alleged atrocities committed by Ukrainians because America has suppressed that information in the West.

“Now, we’ve seen something allegedly committed by the Russians. This may actually have been something a group of Russian soldiers may have committed, we don’t know. And this is the problem: We tend to act on emotion, not rationality,” the decorated combat veteran said.

“And now I run into people frequently that say, ‘We have to punish the Russians.’ Well, that’s interesting, as world policeman, we’re going to punish the Russians. Well then we might as well punish the Somalis, we might as well punish the Mexicans. We could punish lots of people but it makes no sense whatsoever. We don’t know the facts.”

Macgregor said the world is looking at two groups of people fighting right now that hate each other. He added that the best thing America can do is try to bring an end to it.

“The president of the United States should use his influence not to postpone but put an end to the war. Not to lengthen it, not to make it worse, but to bring it to a close because the longer it goes on, the more potentially dangerous it becomes for us.” (Related: Trump blasts Joe Biden over handling of Russia-Ukraine crisis, warns that “world war” is now very possible.)


Russia-Ukraine war is an existential matter for Russia

According to Macgregor, the Russia-Ukraine War is an existential matter for Russiabecause what happens in Ukraine is critical to the Russians.

“They don’t want a foreign government running the show in Ukraine. They don’t want us running the show in Ukraine. They want a government there that’s preferably Ukrainian but not hostile to them. They don’t want foreign forces on Ukrainian soil to threaten them. They don’t want a foreign government on Ukrainian soil that puts missiles within a minute, a few minutes of flight time from their nuclear deterrent. These are all issues for them,” Macgregor explained.

“From our standpoint, this is not existential. And I think people have made a mistake. They think, we can fight this war to the last Ukrainian and bleed the Russians and make them miserable and harm them. I think it’s going to backfire. I think it actually already has on the international level. But that’s something we could talk about.”

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