24 more sponsors on HR 419, the No Taxpayer Money for the WHO Act

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May 19, 2022 | By Stand For Health Freedom | Link To Send Message To Your Congress Member and Senator

Your energy is amazing! As of this writing, you’ve sent over 101,000 emails and made 4,000+ phone calls. Your efforts have resulted in 24 more sponsors on HR 419, the No Taxpayer Money for the WHO Act. We launched May 6th, 5 new congressman co-signed inside of 8 days and 19 more inside of 4 days!


SHF is continuing to follow developments in global health and monitor the WHO’s activities. We want to keep you up to date on this complex issue and help you feel comfortable talking about it with your lawmakers, your friends, and your family.


We’ve created two printable fact sheets for you to use and share. One summarizes the IHR proposed amendments for quick reference and the other gives an overview of the legal documents the WHO could use to undermine or even obliterate national sovereignty if left unchecked.


Listen to our Policy Analyst, Valerie Borek speak with Christine Dolan, for more information on the WHO power grab, here.



The WHO power grab is not unstoppable. The millions who oppose it are making our voices heard. We appreciate your efforts! They’re critical to protecting the health of Americans and medical choice for individuals and families. International agreements rely on customs, traditions, and what we allow. Keep using your voice to let the world know America will not allow our independence to be taken from us!

In Solidarity,

Stand for Health Freedom