Biden Signs New $150 Million Military Aid Package For Ukraine

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Amidst Homelessness and Economic Crisis in America, Biden Signs New $150 Million Military Aid Package To Finance His Ukraine War – Totaling $46.6 billion for 2022 alone.



May 6, 2022 | by Dave DeCamp | |

Biden Signs New $150 Million Military Aid Package For Ukraine

On Friday, President Biden signed a new $150 million military aid package for Ukraine. According to a statement from the president, the package includes artillery munitions, radars, and other equipment.

The $150 million brings the total US military aid for Ukraine pledged by Biden since Russia invaded to $3.55 billion. The funds were taken from the $13.6 billion for Ukraine aid that was included in a spending bill signed by President Biden in March.

Biden said he’s almost exhausted the funds authorized for Ukraine and has asked Congress to authorize an additional $33 billion for Kyiv, which includes $20.4 billion in military assistance.

“With today’s announcement, my Administration has nearly exhausted funding that can be used to send security assistance through drawdown authorities for Ukraine,” Biden said. “Congress should quickly provide the requested funding to strengthen Ukraine on the battlefield and at the negotiating table.”

In requesting the $33 billion, Biden said he was prepared to give Ukraine military support in the long term. He said the request “begins the transition to longer-term security assistance.”

If approved, Biden’s request would bring the US funding of Ukraine’s war against Russia to a whopping $46.6 billion for 2022 alone. To put the figure in perspective, it is more than two-thirds of Russia’s entire annual military budget.

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