Did ‘Smart Meters’ and Cloud-Seeding Fuel Explosive California Fires?

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More catastrophic fires are occurring in California and New Mexico possibly resulting from the unsafe ‘smart meters’ and decades of cloud seeding interventions known as weather modification.  Silver iodide, a combustable agent, is a primary contaminant released by cloud seeding operations.

Many are reporting that the insides of houses are on fire while the trees and plants are not burning. This could be due to smart meters, which can allow surges, explode, and cause fires. Additionally, the use of satellites and directed energy for weather modification are also possible components of these disasters.

Prayers out to all those who are suffering.  This tragedy underscores the extreme urgency to outlaw weather modification and hazardous atmospheric manipulations.


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Cloud Seeding_Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino and a portion of Los Angeles counties_Santa Ana Cloud-Seeding 2022



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Smart Meter _Fire-and-Electrical-Hazards-Report_2019: “Due to meter design and function, these digital meters can malfunction in several ways. Electric digital meters can allow surges and overvoltage to flow into buildings which can burn wiring and destroy appliances and electronics. They can interfere with arc and ground fault circuit interrupters. Meters have exploded and have caused fires, and they have likely contributed to the severity of other fires. Some of the fires have resulted in the deaths of people and their pets. Water and gas AMI/AMR/digital meters pose additional hazards.”



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