Is Weather Modification Increasing Explosive Fires in Western States?

June 14, 2022 | Zero Geoengineering | Image | In spite of devastating fires, Santa Barbara, California is requesting proposals to continue their weather modification cloud seeding program.

Many contaminating agents are released in cloud seeding operations including silver iodide, an environmental hazard and a combustable agent according to PubChem. As explosive fires continue to rage in California, Arizona, and New Mexico, it is critical to outlaw weather modification and cloud seeding programs which potentially increase the fire hazard.

According to the April 2022 Santa Barbara, California weather modification proposal, “Santa Barbara County Water Agency (SBCWA) has administered a regional cloud seeding program in Santa Barbara County and Southern San Luis Obispo County since 1981.”

Additionally the document states that, “as early as 1951, cloud seeding research was conducted in Santa Barbara County. Under the direction of North American Weather Consultants, this project extended into 1953 and concluded that substantial increases in precipitation could be made from the release of AgI both by ground and air operations.”

Santa Barbara CWA_Cloud Seed_RFP_2022


The accumulation of silver iodide and other combustable agents on the land and trees since the 1950’s is no doubt having a disastrous impact on the current situation.  It’s time for California and all States to introduce and pass health and safety legislation for laws to prohibit weather modification, cloud seeding, and other hazardous atmospheric activities that harm human health and damage the environment.



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1972_PubMed_”The apparent effect of cloud seeding on the average 24-hr precipitation in the Santa Catalina Mountains during the two programs of the 7-year-long Arizona experiment was found to be a 30% loss of rain (P = 0.06).”

Arizona cloud seeding 1972



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