Cell Tower Fire Hazard

July 1, 2022 | By Our Web of Inconvenient Truths |



1) Did a professional engineer (PE) evaluate and certify
any of these projects’ safety before they went live?

2) Who carries liability for damages—the landowner,
the telecom corporation and/or the municipality?

Cell Towers Fires: The Longer List


4/18/21 Electrical malfunction causes fire with rooftop cellular antennas in Brooklyn


3/9/2021 A light pole holding cellular antennas at Otay Ranch High School caught fire, damaging the stadium in Chula Vista, CA


11/25/2020 Cell Tower Fire Causes Structural Damage in Lapeer County, MI


6/26/2020 Cell Tower in Hanover County, Va.


Hanover, VA, June 26, 2020 Source: Hanover Fire and EMS

5/1/2018 Cell Tower Fire in Philadelphia, PA


6/16/2015 Cell phone tower near Virginia Heritage High School catches fire. Now it is leaning over.



5/2/2015 Several paper lanterns caused fire in a cell tower at Lantern Fest in Gaston County, NC


11/4/2014 Cell Tower Fire in Greeneville, TN


9/13/2014 Cell tower fire at Thurston High sends up smoky plume.


7/15/2014 School Football Field Cell phone tower catches fire in Grandview, Ohio.


2/4/2014 Cell tower fire closes U.S. 95 exit ramp in Las Vegas, NV


8/21/2013 Cell Tower Fire in Sanford, FL


6/21/2013 Pennsylvania Fire results in Collapse Fears: Collapse Zone created at base and they vacated the buildings.


5/16/2013 Cell Tower Fire in Middletown, NJ Video:


5/16/2013 New Jersey Cell Tower Fire.


2/4/2013 Cell phone tower catches fire near U.S. 95 Las Vegas


8/10/2012 Cell tower at Risk of Falling after Fire Atlanta Georgia.


8/10/2012 Cell phone tower to be taken down following fire, Georgia.


6/11/2012 Explosion near cell tower likely caused by propane leak, Iowa


12/1/2011 Cell tower fire closes Rockbridge Road, evacuates day care.


6/21/2011 Osprey nest, electrical problem sparked Poulsbo cell tower fire Washington State


5/26/2011 Kansas City Cell Tower Fire closes Interstate 435


1/22/2011 Cell Tower Fire in New Jersey


1/13/2011 Cell Tower Fire at Rancho Cucamonga, CA fire station


5/10/2010 Water Tower Fire Wipes Out WiMAX and Cell Phone Service on Madison, Wisconsin’s West Side


10/1/2007 Sprint, Verizon, AT&T sign $12 million settlement over 2007 Malibu Canyon wild fire


7/4/2007 Cell Tower Fire in Howell, MI


4/14/2006 Cell Tower Fire in Prince George County, MD


8/24/2001 Burning Cell Tower at Risk of Falling in Seminole County, Oregon


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