Long: The DOD recently changed policy to retain HIV-positive service members and prohibit their separation. Can you comment on how this policy adversely affects morale as healthy, unvaccinated service members are being separated?

Sigoloff: Patients who are HIV-positive have decreased immune systems, which means it would be dangerous for them to go to an austere environment or a combat environment, as there are many pathogens or illnesses, viruses, bacteria and fungus that could adversely affect them, could kill them if they get infected with these different pathogens. That’s why that’s always been a policy.

You have to remember the DOD is not running a charity here. When you’re employed by the U.S. government in military service, you have certain expectations. Some of those expectations are you must be able to be ready to deploy, defend, destroy the enemy, to engage with the enemy in close combat. And if you’re unable to do that because you could get a life-endangering infection, then sorry, you can’t be in the military because that’s what we do.

Long: As China and Russia monitor the DOD, what do you view as the most important priority if Congress were to intervene to reverse the recent decisions by DOD leadership? Does the military have critical personnel shortages in any areas while high-trained, unvaccinated pilots are being assigned administrative and janitorial positions?

Sigoloff: I think they should immediately put a moratorium on any vaccine. I think they should bar any service member from receiving this bioweapon. And I take the time to explain this in a video that I’ve published on Rumble. It’s an hour-long explanation, because what I’m saying may sound absolutely crazy. But as I walk you through the logic as to why I believe this is a bioweapon, I show you every document. I’m not just shooting from the hip to say that this is a bioweapon, this is.

We have proof that Fosun Pharma went into agreement with BioNTech, a German company. So a Chinese company gave $100,000,000 to Germany’s BioNTech. And then after that agreement was made, that Chinese company now made an agreement with Pfizer. Because of redactions in the Freedom of Information Act documents Pfizer released, we cannot determine some of the locations where the testing sites took place. And my concern is some of those testing sites were in China.

Next, if we also look at that original agreement, China retained the rights to sell it to only the Chinese market, whereas BioNTech was allowed to sell to the entire world. Also, in that same video, I show a clip of a man saying he knew a woman from China who came to America. She was told by China that if she gets any of these mRNA “vaccines” (they’re not vaccines, they’re genetic therapies) in America she would be tested and/or scanned when she tries to re-enter China to see if she’s had that administered to her, and if that test or scan were positive, she would be barred from entry to her home country.

So I do believe that this is a bioweapon, developed and engineered by our enemy. And I think Congress should immediately bar any service member from receiving any more of these genetic therapies, because if this is a binary weapon system, meaning it takes two things to make it work, this may be the first thing. And when China hits the second thing, it could decimate all of our forces, because the only people that are allowed to work are those who got the shot.

And I can’t speak about unvaccinated pilots because I don’t work with pilots, but I can speak about myself. The military has a critical personnel shortage in the department of medicine. At my duty station, I am one of two active-duty doctors. We have a couple of civilian PAs and NPs. I was the medical director for about a month. And then I was suspended and given a relief for cause because I gave out medical exemptions. And so yes, I am now doing paperwork, doing administrative work.

They could use me working for them, but they refused to have me work because I was doing my job appropriately and protecting service members who did not want to receive the shot. And my medical exemption has now become an affidavit in Robert v. Austin. My medical exemption was about how the first three ingredients of Comirnaty are not FDA-approved for medical use and they’re for research use only.

Long: What resources do you recommend for service members who are pending separation?

Sigoloff: I don’t really know many resources. I would try and make that process take as long as possible. And even if they’ve threatened separation over the next year, I would begin doing the Soldier for Life transition assistance program. This is for the Army, but it is the Congressionally mandated transition program, and I believe every branch of the service has its own.

What that will do is get you out of the office, get you out of whatever you’re doing, get you away from your unit for a while, and give you some time to work things out. Give you some time to take a knee and breathe and learn how to get ready for civilian life.

The biggest thing is you must make a decision. Are you going to get this vaccine or are you not? If you will never get this then don’t ever get it. Stick to your guns. If you do decide that you may get it, first, you must ask yourself why you fought this long, only to give up now?