Former Google CEO Issues Warning: Negotiations Urgently Needed To Address AI Dangers

July 29, 2022 | Image source_Video

Eric Schmidt discusses some of the major challenges of Artificial Intelligence( AI ), from the lack of understanding and naiveté about the potential impact of AI twenty years ago, to the need for governments and other institutions to put more pressure on tech now, to get the technology consistent with our values (as a free society).

Schmidt urges negotiations to solve the national security issues surrounding AI and to prevent a conundrum resulting from lack of preparedness and diplomacy.

The participants in this forum are many of the same technocratic entities and organizations linked with the political ruling class, big tech, private corporations, the military-industrial- intelligence-pharmaceutical-complex, with the Rockefeller Foundation as a partner.


As usual, the American people have zero input, and no role whatsoever in the decisions being made by this elite group.  -JD


July 22, 2022 | Aspen Security Forum |



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