People actually rise up against evil WEF

July 12, 2022 |  By Tom Woods |  Uprising Against the Anti-Human World Economic Forum |  |

Dutch farmers have been vigorously protesting restrictions that would devastate both them and the food supply, and the Western media either ignores or misrepresents them. Keean Bexte has been reporting from the ground there and he joins us for a thorough briefing.

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‘The state is stealing our farmers’ land and the farmers are obviously not having it.’

Eva Vaardingerbroek joins Mark Steyn to explain why Dutch farmers are protesting.

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2020 Rockefeller “Reset the Table”

Transforming the U.S. Food System

“By shifting to a system that better integrates public, private, and philanthropic solutions, this country can better address its intractable and growing nutrition insecurity. By reinvigorating regional systems as part of a better-balanced nationwide food system, we can increase the system’s sustainability and resilience. And by eliminating racial disparities and delivering fair returns and benefits throughout the food supply chain, we can resolve the system’s fundamental inequity.”   -Page 19

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Re: History of Rockefeller’s War On Humanity, UN Agenda 21/2030, & The New World Order