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Forest Fire As A Military Weapon

August 12, 2022 | The 1970 “secret” document, Forest Fire As A Military Weapon, is a report on military weaponry designed to intentionally burn and destroy large areas of forest and jungle in Vietnam. The architects and participants of these warcrimes were never prosecuted even though they destroyed land and massacred innocent human beings.

Discussed in this report is the “science” of optimal burning, including methods such as aerial spraying, use of chemicals, ideal weather conditions to start fires, examples of potential target locations worldwide, the best time of year to apply desiccation treatments and the best month to burn.

The US Department of Agriculture Forest Service in the US, included in the 1970 report, is currently engaged in forest herbicide treatments.

Montana, Texas, Florida, California, Idaho, and other states/nations permit cloud seeding, which involves the release of silver iodide, a combustible agent, and other hazardous pollutants. Rhode Island is the first state to introduce legislation that would prohibit harmful atmospheric activities such as cloud seeding and weather modification.

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June 1970 | U.S. Department of Agriculture — Forest Service | Authors: Craig C. Chandler, Jay R. Bentley | Sponsored by Advanced Research Projects Agency Order No. 818 | 


Forest Fire as a Military Weapon

A June 1970 Report of study commissioned by the Department of Defense.


In 1965 the Joint Chiefs of Staff requested that the Secretary of Defense initiate research to determine the feasibility of measuring the flammability characteristics of forests and jungle growth, modifying flammability so that vegetation would readily support combustion and developing measures to destroy large areas of forest or jungle growth by fire. This research has been conducted by the Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture, under sponsorship of the Advanced Research Projects Agency through ARPA Order 818. The primary research attention was given to the flammability characteristics of jungle growth in tropical and monsoonal climates where forest fires seldom occur naturally.
















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