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$15.9 BILLION DOLLARS for Ukraine War / Food Stamps for American Soldiers

If it seems like it was just last week that the Biden administration announced they were sending more American taxpayer money to Ukraine for their proxy war against Russia, that’s because they did!

$2.9 billion was pledged last weekend, after over $3 billion was gifted for Zelensky’s quagmire in late August.

Joe Biden’s regime pledged ANOTHER $600 million to Ukraine yesterday. This  package brings the total to nearly $15.9 Billion since Biden began acting as president.

The U.S. Army is now recommending food stamps for soldiers who are struggling to feed their families.

While American people and U.S. veterans are facing crisis levels of homelessness and poverty, Biden’s prioritizing of Ukraine’s economy and defense before American’s, is a crime.

International conflicts might very well be resolved with diplomacy but the Biden administration does not appear to be interested in winning the peace or increasing American prosperity. -JD



“How on Earth could the US expect to maintain a strong military when nearly a quarter of members cannot provide their families with food? The military budget is certainly not hurting for funds.” LINK


Biden Administration Plan: Increase Taxes for Americans, Increase Funding for Ukraine’s War



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Lindsey Graham_August 2022:

“I like the structural path we’re on here. As long as we help Ukraine with the weapons they need and economic support, they will fight till the last person.”

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Lindsey Graham, John McCain visiting AZOV (NAZI) Battalion & Ukrainian troops in Dec of 2016.


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Biden_Council on Foreign Relations  2018

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