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Pennsylvania Virtue, Liberty, and Independence Act To Prohibit ESG Scores

September 7, 2022

Representatives from Pennsylvania have introduced legislation to prohibit social credit scores based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores.  House Bill No. 2799 would prohibit financial institutions from using social credit or environmental, social or governance (ESG) scores and would impose penalties.

The  sponsorship memo states, “The absurd and anti-American groupthink of global oligarchs and wealthy elites should not determine the purchasing decisions of individuals. Using ESG scores to control behavior is only one step away from China’s social credit system, where those who disagree with Communist Party ideology and “values” are punished with throttled Internet speeds, banned from air travel, and denied lodging.”

The sponsors of HB 2799 cite their duty to defend the individual rights of Pennsylvanians as soaring above every other government objective. -JD

Sponsorship Memo_Putting the Brakes on ESG with the Virtue, Liberty, and Independence Act

Link To HB No. 2799

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