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Presence of graphene-based carbon nanotubes in Pfizer v@xx

La Quinta Columna researcher, Ricardo Delgado Martín, presents optical microscope analysis of the Comirnaty Pfizer injectable. The magnification, up to 2000x, reveals self- assembling carbon nanotubes, graphene oxide, glowing nano particles and other debris.

Martín explains the role of microwave radiation in activating graphene oxide and other v@xx components. Sharp edges of graphene oxide and long carbon nano tubes illustrate the potential cause of catastrophic injuries and deaths that have resulted from these hazardous materials in the bloodstream. -JD

**Rice University was researching ‘teslaphoresis‘ or self assembly of nanotubes at a distance, in 2016.

September 16, 2022 | By Ricardo Delgado Martín | La Quinta Columna


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September 5, 2022 | By  |

Pablo Campra, PhD in Chemical Sciences, and Degree in Biological Sciences, identified and evidenced the existence of graphene in Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Janssen vaccines.

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Download the Campra report:

April 14, 2016 | Rice University | Carbon nanotubes self-assemble


“The novel coronavirus vaccine contains graphene oxide”

Chinese Patent CN112220919A CV Vaxx contains graphene oxide 



2015 study discusses potential to implant nano sensors into human organs to function as part of a wireless nanosensor network (WNSN) to possibly be used for intrabody disease detection. The article states that, “nanosensors deployed in WNSN, equipped with graphene-based nanopatch antennas [3], can detect symptoms or virus by means of molecules [7] or bacteria behaviors [8]. In fact, the large surface area and the excellent electrical conductivity of graphene allow rapid electron transfer that facilitates accurate and selective detection of biomolecules.”

Design of Wireless Nanosensor Networks for Intrabody Application



3D Reduced Graphene Oxide/Sio 2 Composite For Ice Nucleation 

US Patent 2022/0002159 A1 | The present invention relates to the field of cloud seeding.

3D Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles for Cloud Seeding Patent US 2022/0002159 A1