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Ex-CIA chief says US may intervene in Ukraine

October 24, 2022 |  Ukrainian Children Trained For War |  Image Source

U.S. leadership seems to be operating on ZERO intelligence, as former CIA director/failed Afghanistan commander, David Petraeus has suggested that the US may intervene against Russia in Ukraine with a multinational force that is not NATO.

AND while Americans are focused on November elections, politicians in D.C. are scheming to send $50 BILLION more to Ukraine.


Washington’s FAILURE policy of bankrupting the economy and draining resources in endless conflicts is great for our adversaries but bad for Americans.

It’s painfully obvious that there is a void of faithful American leadership in Congress and the Pentagon. Instead of investing in Ukraine’s endless war, it’s time to secure our own borders, focus on improving international relations and the USA economy, and begin solving urgent domestic matters. -JD


Link To DEMAND NO MORE so-called “aid” to Ukraine HERE

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DEMAND Congress STOP funding war and START negotiating for peace.

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Link To Article HERE

Biden Administration Plan: Increase Taxes for Americans, Increase Funding for Ukraine’s War



$15.9 BILLION DOLLARS for Ukraine War / Food Stamps for American Soldiers