RE: $TRILLIONS of  dollars spent on hazardous and toxic climate interventions.




June 2019 |  Federal Weather Enterprise 2020:

“Exercise leadership in coordinating U.S. efforts in international weather research priorities including the current World Meteorological Organization Grand Challenges.”  p4   

Link To Full_The Grand Challenges, by Hwirin Kim-2

The Federal Weather Enterprise FY 2021


“This report has been compiled through the efforts of many agency budget experts and meteorology-related functional experts.”

This report consists of two main sections. 

Section 1 is a description of the Federal weather coordination structure and the ongoing collaborative efforts supporting the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan for Federal Weather Enterprise (FWE) Coordination. 

Section 2 consists of meteorological services and/or supporting research funding requested by and assigned to the Federal Weather Enterprise and, where applicable, reflects the agencies’ priorities related to the forecast process. Link

FY2018, FY2019, FY2020 Federal Weather Enterprise

Federal Weather Enterprise FY2018:

Environmental Protection Agency:

2007  Rosalind Peterson Keynote Presentation   

RE: Weather Modification & Geoengineering Hazards:








Weather Warfare, Directed Energy Weapons, Lightning Strikes, (NOT climate change) May Very Well Be The Cause of the Devastating Fires




Preliminary Observations on Geoengineering Science, Federal Efforts, and Governance Issues

Link To   2010 Preliminary Observations on Geoengineering Science, Federal Efforts, and Governance Issues





October 2018 

 Journal of Geography, Environment, and Earth Science International |  J. Marvin Herndon, Mark Whiteside

Link To Document:  California Wildfires: Role of Undisclosed Atmospheric Manipulation and Geoengineering

2017  Federal Plan OFCM – Office of the Federal Coordinator of Meteorological Services and Supporting Research

The Federal Plan for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research


January 9, 2017
Letter from Maryland Governor Hogan to Jolie Diane regarding geoengineering  Link

“..there is not currently in Maryland a law that prohibits geoengineering related activities…” 

Link To Weather Modification Policy in Maryland

Maryland is Home of The Federal Weather Enterprise*

Link To_Document_Aluminium in human brain tissue from donors without neurodegenerative disease: A comparison with Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and autism

“We have confirmed previous conclusions that the aluminium content of brain tissue in Alzheimer’s disease, autism spectrum disorder and multiple sclerosis is significantly elevated.” Link

Link To evidence that it is technologically feasible to disseminate biological agents from aircraft.

Potential for Aerosol Dissemination of Biological Weapons: Lessons from Biological Control of Insects

Link To Coronavirus Detected On Particles of Air Pollution 


Geoengineering Must Be Outlawed To Protect the Health and Safety of All Biological Life on Earth.

State of Rhode Island — H 5992


 Link To The Geoengineering Act

@  Weather Forecasting and Meteorology

May 22, 2018  

“Implementing Section 402 of the Weather Research And Forecasting Innovation Act Of 2017, the Federal Meteorological Services and Supporting Research Strategic Plan, and Annual Report. (OFCM)” Link


OFCM Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research – FY2019 Budget


Re: 1975 History of CO2 theory as justification for weather modification and climate interventions  Link 



Federal Weather Enterprise Budget FY17, FY18, FY19 LINK

Link To Document


Meteorological Services and Supporting Research* (.00M)

Link To Full_Document_2020_fedrep

FY 2020 Research & Development

Deploying fifth generation (5G) wireless connectivity is even more imperative because it will enable a wide range of transformational technologies, from smart cities to the Internet of Things. The 2020 Budget supports R&D to manage spectrum, secure networks, and increase access to high-speed internet.  –page 270 Link To R&D_21_research-fy2020

“The President’s 2020 Budget prioritizes investments for four key Industries of the Future: artificial intelligence, quantum information sciences, advanced communication networks (including fifth generation networks and beyond), and advanced manufacturing….”

2017 World Meteorological Organization (WMO) The Global Telecommunications System

The Global Telecommunications System (GTS)


NATO Radar Spectrum and Management 

Radar Spectrum Engineering and Management



"This document describes a capabilities-based approach to
UAS employment, which enhances the joint and coalition operator’s ability to execute assigned missions and tasks. additionally, it recommends NATO guidance, considerations, and concepts for optimum UAS employment." 
 Link To Full_Document_UAS_CONEMP

Link To  Document

Link to Strategic Plan 2018-2022




Link To WMO Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Report on the global Weather Enterprise Seminar 2017  Link


Link To Report


Origins of Climate Control and Meteorology: Link

The Need For A Climate Control Study Program – November 1960 – CIA


World Meteorological Organization – Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology – Space Weather Related Activities

Link To WMO Space Weather-Related Activities -2019-doc4.3_space-weather



The Future of the Global Weather Enterprise

“The enterprise includes the full value chain of scientific research, observations of the Earth system, numerical models encoding the laws of physics applied to the system, supercomputing to integrate the models and observations, weather and hydrological forecasts from hours to weeks and potentially months ahead, and business-specific products and services enabling economic benefit and jobs to be created.”   Link

Link To Full_Document_The Future of the Global Weather Enterprise: Opportunities and Risks



Link To Report of Global Weather Enterprise

Link To NOAA Testbeds and Proving Grounds



Link To NOAA Aviation Weather


The Federal Weather Enterprise Fiscal Year 2019 Budget and Coordination Report – Agency Funding


Link To Weather And Climate Modification  1965

Weather and Climate Modification




NOAA Spreadsheets Listing Weather Modification Programs in the United States


Geoengineering Discussed By House Intelligence Committee


“Ideas like cloud seeding or climate geo-engineering have been around for decades, with the first fleshed out attempts to alter the weather originating at the Institute of Rainmaking in Leningrad in 1932. The U.S. also carried out experiments to trigger precipitation during World War II and during the Vietnam War with Operation Popeye, which involved cloud seeding to lengthen the monsoon season over Vietnam and disrupt enemy troop movement.”  Link

Link To Patent

Link To Patents Related to Weather Modification and Geoengineering

Take Action – USA

BAN Geoengineering and Weather Modification climate interventions including cloud seeding in your state now!

LINK To Take Action

Link To Geoengineering FootprintsIndependent Lab Analysis of Rain and Snow samples collected from the USA and around the World.

Link To Americans 4ZERO Geoengineering


Link To Worldwide 4ZERO Geoengineering




RE: Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs, FY2021 WHITEHOUSE Budget Funds Gavi/Vaccine Alliance; The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket

DoD FY20 Peer Reviewed Medical Clinical Trial Award for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)  | 


Program Announcement for the Department of Defense

Defense Health Program Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs

Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program

Clinical Trial Award for Emerging Viral Diseases and Respiratory Health

Link To Full Document




WHITEHOUSE.GOV FY21 Fact Sheet:“The Budget requests $290 million for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, as part of a 4 year, $1.16 billion pledge…” Link

Ensuring America’s Security and Prosperity

Link to Document



The Imperial College Bill Gates Connection


Link To Video






Is It Time to Launch an Investigation Into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Possible ‘Crimes Against Humanity’? 

“At this point, it needs to be asked: what are the chances that an exercise simulating the outbreak of a global pandemic not only happens just weeks before the real event, but predicts its main features, which include the shutdown of businesses and schools worldwide, the loss of supply chains, as well as the most expensive bailout in history, among other things? At what point does the line separating fact from fiction, truth from lies become so blurred that it demands a criminal investigation?”   



“…Can it get creepier than that? Unfortunately, yes it can.

Two weeks after Bill Gates left the board of Microsoft, the company received a patent for a ‘cryptocurrency system body activity data.’ Although the details on the technology are truly shocking the patent number also had conspiracy theorists in an uproar: WO2020060606. It didn’t take much for Internet sleuths, not to mention Bible enthusiasts, to say this stood for: ‘World Order 2020 666.’


Of all the millions of patent numbers that could have been used, why this one? As is the case with customized license plate numbers, did Gates personally request such a configuration that was bound to trigger fear and suspicion – in the middle of a pandemic, no less?

Although the cryptocurrency invention makes no specific mention of nanotechnology injected under the skin, possibly together with a vaccine, the opaque description doesn’t rule it out either: “The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified….”

Link To Full Article  


The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket

Amazing Polly

Link To Video


NYT Coronovirus Fundraiser:…

DZAU bio Ottawa Heart Institute:…

GPMB Board of Directors:

GPMB publication, Sept 2019:…

Philanthropy News Digest: Klausner Fauci:…

Johns Hopkins commissioned by the GPMB: https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.o…

Event 201 Players List: https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.o…

National Herald:…

Fauci Gates Foundation Grand Challenges board:…

VIDEO: Fauci “No doubt” of surprise outbreak:…

CEPI April pledges:… VIDEO: Victor Dzau at McGill “School of Population and Global Health:…

Tedros worked for the Global Fund:…

VIDEO: Corbett Report on Gates domination of “Global Health”…

Contact page:….      Link To Video








[BREAKING VIDEO REPORT] $660 Million Spent on 30+ Field Hospitals, Most Had ZERO Patients

May 23, 2020 | Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder | |

Sayer Ji reports on a new NPR investigation which reveals that despite $660 million in federal spending to set up 30+ field hospitals for the anticipated catastrophic case load from COVID-19, most of the emergency field hospitals had ZERO patients. 


The implications of this NPR report are profound, revealing that the dominant mainstream narrative about COVID-19’s catastrophic burden on the US healthcare system never materialized. As reported on May 7th, 2020,



The statistics reveal a striking contrast between the official narrative of hospitals overrun with patients and bodies piling up and the reality of how overblown the crisis was from the beginning.



Learn more about the true agenda behind the COVID-19 crisis at

Additional references:


Link To Source




COVID-19 Update: Fighting for Lives, Livelihoods and Liberty – Metcalfe to Introduce Wolf Impeachment Resolution

May 22, 2020

Pennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe

“Last week, I issued a cosponsor memo to the members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives requesting support for a resolution calling for the IMPEACHMENT of Gov. Tom Wolf.

The full text of the memorandum can be reviewed here.

Recently, state and local officials from several counties still being held hostage in the most restrictive “red” phase of the governor’s unconstitutional COVID-19 shutdown announced their intention to start reopening their economies regardless of the governor’s directives.

During his next press conference, Wolf outrageously referred to these citizens, their leaders and even military veterans like myself who have honorably served this great nation, as cowardly deserters of the state’s war on COVID-19.

People who are struggling to feed their families and protect their livelihoods deserve respect and common decency from the governor, rather than unhinged temper tantrums and tyrannical misbehavior in office.

More than two million citizens have been forced to file for unemployment since the governor issued his business closure order—a rate that is among the highest in the nation because of the Wolf administration’s exceedingly restrictive dictates.

We cannot and should not dismiss the social and economic impacts that have resulted in increased drug overdoses, suicide rates and the growing list of job-creating businesses that will never recover from the governor’s extreme shutdown orders.

Pennsylvania citizens are rightfully demanding decisive, Constitutional leadership, not a petulant socialist in the governor’s office.

The time for Wolf’s impeachment is now! 

2020 Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally Moving Forward Without Dictator Wolf’s Permission

Wolf thinks he can shut down our annual Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally, Monday, June 8, beginning at 10 a.m., on the state Capitol steps.

On Wednesday, I sent the governor the following open letter to let him know in no uncertain terms that we will not relinquish any of our God-given rights and will be holding this year’s rally as originally scheduled.

Dear Governor Wolf:

I am writing to you today on behalf of all freedom-loving, law-abiding Pennsylvania firearms owners to inform you that my staff has received your presumptuous email notice through the Department of General Services stating that “the governor has instructed us to cancel all events at the Capitol through July 5,” with the usual non-transparent explanation of COVID-19.

As the prime sponsor of an impeachment resolution to bring about your removal from office, let me begin the people’s response by saying that we do not need your permission to freely exercise our Constitutional rights to peacefully assemble and denounce your tyrannical regime.

It is precisely the Second Amendment and our right to keep and bear arms which provides the foundation and reinforcement of all the rights recognized and proclaimed in our state and federal constitutions. This especially includes Article 1, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution which clearly states: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

Your incompetence and callous disregard for your fellow man give this year’s theme of “Stand Your Ground Against Socialism” even more substantive significance. Your unconstitutional dictates and Orwellian overreach into our lives and the marketplace has caused immeasurable harm and hardship for far more Pennsylvanians than the virus!

Your enlisting of law enforcement to intimidate law-abiding citizens into accepting your unconstitutional dictate to close their business is offensive and an inappropriate use of our men and women in blue. Your divisive fear mongering tactics encouraging neighbors to turn in neighbors for non-compliance with your unconstitutional orders should never happen in the land of the free and home of the brave.

You have no authority to imprison any citizen in their home or otherwise rob them of their right to put food on the table. Our right to arm and defend ourselves and our loved ones is non-negotiable, and you can expect us to vigilantly defend it on the state Capitol steps on Monday, June 8.

Roll Call: 87 House Democrats Vote Against Putting PA Back to Work

The day after the governor vetoed several measures offering more options to reopen the state, the House attempted an override vote on one of the bills.

House Bill 2388 would have allowed the following types of businesses to reopen: vehicle dealerships, lawn and garden centers, cosmetology salons and barber shops, messenger services, animal grooming services and manufacturing operations.

All 109 House Republicans, along with six Democrats, voted to support.

Unfortunately, the veto override failed to garner the two-thirds majority required due to 87 House Democrats (see roll call above) voting against giving Pennsylvania citizens the choice of safely returning to work, supporting their families and putting bread on their tables.

Ironically, another bill that the governor vetoed (House Bill 2412) would have helped reopen real estate services throughout the Commonwealth. Shortly after announcing his vetoes, the governor released new guidance to allow real estate to resume statewide anyway.

This is not the first time the governor has caved to the overwhelming pressure of the people and acted in direct response to actions of the House. The same occurred with reopening the construction industry, online vehicle sales, gun shops and firearm dealers.

Here is a quick rundown for the rest of this week’s session:

To help our struggling restaurants, bars and clubs, we passed bills that would authorize these business owners to allow outdoor seating (House Bill 2506) and indoor seating (House Bill 2513) to resume in areas of the state in the yellow or green phases of mitigation. Certain safety guidelines would have to be met. These bills go to the Senate for consideration.

In related news, House Bill 327, which would allow the sale of cocktails to go from bars, restaurants or hotels with a liquor license is now law.

To further aid in assessment of the COVID-19 disaster response, House Bill 2505 would require the administration to retain relevant records for 10 years after the end of the emergency order. The bill goes to the Senate for consideration.

Additionally, House Bill 2517 would require a waiver to allow residential cleaning services to resume operations during the COVID-19 emergency, provided they follow social distancing and other health and safety guidelines. This bill also goes to the Senate.

House Republicans are taking necessary actions to drive the agenda toward reopening our entire economy and we will continue to do so.

County DAs Encouraged to Publicly Reject Enforcement of Wolf’s Unconstitutional Dictates

Earlier this month, I joined with 25 state lawmakers in sending the open letter below encouraging all county district attorneys to publicly refuse to enforce Gov. Tom Wolf’s unconstitutional and overreaching COVID-19 dictates.


Honoring All Who Served and Sacrificed

This Memorial Day we remember and honor all those who sacrificed their lives protecting our Constitutional Republic.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day. As Americans we should all thank God for the blessings of freedom and our military men and women for defending the USA!”

Link To Source 


When The Masks Went On, Their Masks Came Off


May 7, 2020 | |

Their modeling systems were wrong. Their numbers were highly exaggerated. Despite this, they were prepared to go all the way – to escalate a virus to astronomical proportions so they could shut this country down, shut the world down, and attempt to control all populations into submission through fear tactics and mind games. Why? What do they have to gain? Their masks came off when they began trying to control the minds of millions by feeding a deceptive narrative, moving for mail-in ballots to manipulate the upcoming elections, shutting down the economy while deciding who’s business was “essential” and who’s was “non-essential,” using tactics to keep people in a state of fear to make them vulnerable so they will heed the advice of so-called “experts” when a vaccine is deployed, creating a trillion dollar industry, all while simultaneously putting a halt to all protests, conferences, and rallies.

Essentially, the goal is to destroy America and install a new President that can drive them to their end game. Ultimately, when everyone was told to put on masks, their masks came off, and all was revealed. Most people see right through their charades, if for no other reason, because they have been illegally forced to close their “non-essential” businesses, lost their jobs, can no longer feed their families, and can see the unnecessary lengths they have gone to try to destroy EVERYONE, as they witness the real plague – tyranny! For those who are still trapped in the false narrative, and are complying to all rules out of fear, that fear needs to be checked against reality, as all of the evidence is out there.

The Washington Post wants everyone to believe that masks are a new fashion trend and have even brought Disney into the fold, trying to make this seem fun while declaring “masks are here to stay!” They use the word “solidarity” to make everyone feel as though they are a single unit working together to heal the world, when what they really mean is, “we believe you are all sheep and will listen to anything we tell you, so we will continue to program you to our benefit.”

The irony is, despite the legacy media and governors trying to “order” people to wear masks under the guise of “it’s for everyone’s safety and if you don’t do it you may die or kill other people,” the CDC and Dr. Fauci themselves have flat out said THEY WON’T PROTECT YOU.
When Vice President Pence was asked by Brett Baier at a Town Hall on May 3rd, about why he chose not to wear a mask when visiting the Mayo Clinic, his response was, “well from early on the CDC has made it clear that you wear a mask to prevent you from conveying the coronavirus to other people, and since the President and I are in the unique position we are in, we’re tested often.”
In an interview with CBS, NIAID Director Dr. Fauci, who is a part of the COVID-19 Task Force, clearly stated,
“There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection people think that it is.”
The fact that he stated this in March versus April is totally irrelevant. He is an immunologist, and this is a clear cut statement that cannot be walked back.
It “might make people feel a bit better,” he said. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are having incredibly adverse effects from wearing the masks. It’s hard to imagine why so many people would be dealing with anxiety, PTSD, claustrophobia and other traumatic issues in this country (sarcasm), but wearing these masks are a big trigger for them. That would be classified as a mental disability. There are also people with physical disabilities such as asthma or respiratory issues and the masks make it difficult for them to breathe. Furthermore, there are some people whose jobs require heavy lifting, and it’s causing them a great deal of dizziness, not to mention those that wear protective goggles or glasses are having to deal with them constantly fogging up. And, there are those with other debilitating physical issues where the masks create more problems, including those with hearing deficiencies that need to be able to read lips, which is tricky to do when everyone is sporting a mask. According to the CDC, wearing masks for long periods of time, for example an 8-hour work shift, can cause headaches. The CDC contends it will not cause hypercapnia, though there is a lot of controversy over this.
Taking all of the above into consideration, the most telling of all is the fact that not only do these masks not protect people, they would need to be sterilized on a regular basis, and by wearing the same mask over and over each day, if anything – they act as bacteria and virus collectors. Therefore, if they do not protect people, they cannot be sterilized, and are collecting bacteria, WHY are governors insisting people where them in public places? Only one conclusion can be drawn from this – it is all for show to perpetuate the fear and keep the stigma in people’s minds to prep them for an incoming vaccine, while doing whatever they can to prevent rallies and in-person voting for the elections. If this isn’t obvious yet, then you need to start using your brain and stop letting them use it for you.
So what can you do? What rights do you have when you are being told you MUST wear a mask to enter a public store, that the experts have already confirmed will not protect you? Some very smart people have been sharing this across social media, and Corey took the time to review it to see if it is in fact justifiable in this particular case. It is very cut and dry and more people need to be made aware of this. If you feel like you need to wear a mask because you have a compromised immune system or are elderly, that is your choice, but everyone should be made aware of their rights.
The American Disabilities Act
You can grab the jpg image below and print it out to carry with you for your convenience. The bottom line is – if you have a mental or physical disability that prevents you from wearing a mask, no public facility or store can discriminate against you and require you to leave, especially a grocery store which is required for your survival. You do not have to tell them what your disability is. That being said, one would suspect that if a lot of people start acting on their rights, it’s going to create an issue and mayors or governors may try to step in and implement another executive order that states you are a danger to others and therefore you must have someone else do your grocery shopping for you. But that’s just not realistic, and they know this, so it will be interesting to see where this all goes. In regard to business owners mandating masks via governors’ orders, the employer may very well instruct the employee to leave the place of work with unpaid leave because there are no “accommodations” that could be provided that would replace the mask requirement. Whether or not there is legal basis for this would be a question for an attorney. This of course, could create a whole other issue for those seeking to go back to work, who are unable to wear a mask.

Their Masks Came Off – It’s All About Perception Now

Not only do these scoundrels who preach to wear a mask, not wear one themselves, many don’t even abide by their own rules, such as IL Gov. Pritzker’s wife taking a trip to Florida. Of course, the rules don’t apply for them and Pritzker verbally attacked a reporter for daring to question him on it. NYC Mayor DeBlasio is targeting the Jewish community while NY Gov. Cuomo has sent people off to their deaths at nursing homes while neglecting patients at hospitals, and is now touting that the education system should be “reimagined” and built back better, and he plans to work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a blueprint to do this. Sure, why not? Gates already has his hands in every single cookie jar across the globe, with no exaggeration.

Never forget, they create the illusions to give a false reality to a situation or narrative so as to alter your perception and keep you in fear and under their control. How many ways do they accomplish this?
Recently, CBS added fake patients to a testing area to create the appearance of a longer line. There were only a few actual people there to get tested and they were made to wait so CBS could stage this. These people are disgusting! Link to full video.
The social media giants continue to censor and shadowban. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small following or a huge following, twitter will remove likes, followers, and reduce both the retweets and comment count – and they do this in real time right before your very eyes. President Trump gets the extra special treatment with mass scale reduction in numbers. He has been averaging 100,000 new followers every 48-hrs over the past couple of weeks. Just imagine what the real numbers are, based on the thousands of retweets and likes they remove? Facebook and YouTube are removing anything and everything they determine goes against the narrative, especially if it’s COVID related and you point out negative facts about the World Health Organization. Oh yes, they are all working overtime to hide the truth from everyone.
The term “essential business” is not new. Most people are just now hearing about this, as it’s being used to disqualify all of the other “essential” businesses by simply making the claim “they are not essential.” Over a decade ago, Google changed their algorithms and pushed this very tactic in the online retail world. So for those who had online businesses that were “essential” for their survival, Google decided they were “non-essential” and pushed all of the big name stores to the top of the search results, deeming them more “essential” for shoppers. This is not new, they merely brought it from the cyberworld to the real world, to crush all of the little guys, while driving more business to their cohorts stores.
Even though their modelling systems were way off, they exaggerated the numbers, have validated that they were off, have stated that we have flattened the curve, informed us that the warmer weather and sun will kill the virus, and said that states are “opening back up,” there are some states that refuse to get on board because they are pushers of the fear narrative. The entire state of Oregon has had a total of 109 COVID-related deaths (with emphasis on “related”), yet Governor Brown just declared they will remain closed until July 6th!
IL Gov. Pritzker has released hundreds from prison under the guise of them potentially catching the virus, including two who had murdered children, while Chicago Mayor Lightfoot preaches “we will shut you down. We will cite you. And if we need to, we will arrest you, and we will take you to jail, period…don’t make us treat you like a criminal.” Oh, the irony.
Meanwhile, CA Gov. Newsom is flying helicopters over beaches warning people that the beach is closed and they cannot enter, while in the great state of Texas, they are driving in armored vehicles to shut down peaceful protests, arresting tattoo artists and sending a salon owner to jail for seven days for opening their “non-essential” businesses before they were “allowed.” Fortunately, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is calling forher immediate release, and the Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick tweeted that he will cover her $7k fine and volunteered to be placed under house arrest so she can go to work and feed her kids.

It is amazing how they decide what they deem to be “essential” when in fact ALL businesses are essential for families to survive and thrive. How dare they distinguish, claiming that Walmart is more important than the small health store, or that a pet grooming location can open but a salon cannot. Do you see the hypocrisy and their clear attempt at showing just who is in control, while most people submit for fear of retaliation? Now imagine if hundreds, thousands all stood up for their rights, didn’t allow this unconstitutional, illegal bullying, and could get back to work and feed their families?

People Are Fighting For Their Rights

People are fighting back, running peaceful protests, exposing their outrageous tactics, opening their businesses, and going out in public without a mask on. Not only that, there have been a lot of representatives across the country that are standing up to governors, taking them to court, and fighting for our rights. This is all backfiring on them.So what is their last ditch effort? They are trying to continue with the masks to present visual eye candy for the fearful, while continuing with escalating numbers and a threat of a “second wave,” while Bill Gates postulates we should remain closed until a vaccine is ready. And, they are building up armies of contact tracers to perpetuate the madness, while collecting data, and encouraging people to tell on their neighbors. This is the only way they can keep their show going. There is much more to be told about the contact tracing, and that’s coming up in another Corey’s Digs report soon!One of the biggest concerns people have, aside from getting back to work, is the threat of a mandated vaccine. Corey’s Digs did an extensive report on investigations and the battle for a vaccine, which lends a lot of insight to what is taking place. Since then, President Trump continues to state that they are working hard on getting a vaccine by the end of the year and that he needs a vaccine. Is Trump stating this to maintain control of a vaccine, should one come to fruition? Is he stating this until after all therapeutics have been tested and deemed to fight the virus without the need for a vaccine? Or does Trump really plan to have a vaccine produced, perhaps in a safer way than they have been done in the past? Do we really even need a vaccine for coronavirus? These are all of the questions rolling through everyone’s minds right now. Corey’s Digs is keeping a close eye on this as things progress, but one very important recent event to note is the “virtual coronavirus vaccine summit” that recently took place, whereby world leaders pledged billions for a vaccine. Leaders from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, UK, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, Jordan, South Africa, Turkey, and China’s ambassador to the European Union were all in attendance – the U.S. did not attend.

Never stop fighting for your rights, your freedom, and justice.

“The current recommendations regarding masks are that if you yourself are sick with fever and cough, you can wear a surgical mask to prevent transmission to other people. If you are healthy, there is not thought to be any additional benefit to wearing a mask yourself because the mask is not airtight and does not necessarily prevent breathing in of these viral particles, which are very tiny,” says Dr. Nipunie Rajapakse, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases specialist.

Link To Article