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Geoengineered State of Emergency in California

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Ecocide is occurring in California as geoengineered snowstorms have caused trees to fall, power outages, and conditions which few are prepared for. California has a long history of weather modification operations with active cloud seeding programs since the 1950’s.

Gratitude to Reinette Senum for reporting on this catastrophe, providing information and insights on what is happening. Sending love out and keeping California in our prayers!  LINK

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Snowed in and Terrified: Trapped California Mountain Residents Plea for Help (

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Weather Modification Operations in California 1951-1962

California IN BRIEF : YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK : Official Urges Halt to Cloud Seeding 1990

2003 Letter from California Congressman in Response to Opposition to Weather Modification Programs 

California Wildfires: Role of Undisclosed Atmospheric Manipulation and Geoengineering 

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INTRODUCED: The Atmosphere Protection Act 

Geoengineering must be BANNED!

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Geoengineering Is Warfare and Must Be Banned

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Sulfur aerosol injection is not new. The plan to deliberately release harmful contaminants into the atmosphere, such as sulfur dioxide (SO2) originated as a form of environmental warfare.

In fact, in the 1975 DARPA report titled, “SOVIET DEVELOPMENTS IN WEATHER MODIFICATION, CLIMATE MODIFICATION AND CLIMATOLOGY,” Environmental Warfare was listed as a topic of investigation. The report stated:

“..within a few decades world heat production could rise from the present level of 0.2%, of the received power of the Sun to a level of 2%, thus causing a 1-1.5 C mean global temperature increase.  Such a potentially harmful warming trend could, in principle, be checked by artificially increasing the planetary cloud cover.” -p83

“…method of moderating planetary warming trends by temporarily increasing the concentration of sulfate aerosol particles in the lower stratosphere and thereby reducing global radiation.” -i

If this narrative sounds familiar, it’s because it is the same story that has been perpetuated for decades by academic grant dependent ‘researchers,’ military, and government agencies. This ‘scientific technological elite’ engage in planning and operations of environmental warfare techniques such as Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI), with complete disregard for life on Earth, because there is endless funding, an absence of applied ethical or moral standards and furthermore, there are no laws preventing the use of our atmosphere as a physics lab.

White House Promotes Environmental Warfare SO2 Aerosol Injection • Zero Geoengineering

The Clean Atmosphere Act was introduced in Rhode Island to prohibit hazardous atmospheric activities such as geoengineering, weather modification, cloud seeding and other hazards.

Did you know?

There is precedent for prohibiting cloud seeding and weather modification.

Maryland prohibited cloud seeding in 1965 LINK

Pennsylvania and West Virginia also had regulations to prevent cloud seeding and weather modification in the 1960’s. LINK

President John F. Kennedy called for a ban on atmospheric research testing in the same 1961 speech where he announced proposals for international weather prediction and weather control.   –Link To Full Speech Quote @ 22:02



To learn more about advocating for a ban on Geoengineering, or





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2023-2024 EPCAPE: Eastern Pacific Cloud Aerosol Precipitation Experiment | Image Source

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) and the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) agency are among numerous alphabet agencies collaborating with national and international partners to engage in a wide range of questionable experimentation in our atmosphere and environment.

As Eisenhower stated in his farewell address to the nation in 1961, “Public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.” 

EPCAPE (Eastern Pacific Cloud Aerosol Precipitation Experiment) is scheduled for February 15, 2023 – February 14, 2024, in the eastern pacific, north of San Diego, California to study cloud aerosol interactions and radiative properties. LINK

Is there a relationship between increasing weather extremes and man-made “weather” resulting from such experimentation?

Safety regulations and the prohibition of hazardous weather interventions are urgently needed to reign-in the artificial rainmakers. -JD


“The focus of this project is to characterize the extent, radiative properties, aerosol interactions, and precipitation characteristics of stratocumulus clouds in the Eastern Pacific across all four seasons at a coastal location, such as the Scripps Pier and the Scripps Mt. Soledad sites in La Jolla.”

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White House Promotes Environmental Warfare SO2 Aerosol Injection • Zero Geoengineering


NSF Funding Sulfate Aerosol Injection 2023 • Zero Geoengineering


NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory Schedules & Flight Planning • Zero Geoengineering


HAARP RF Radiation “Experiments” Underway • ZERO5G




To learn more about advocating for a ban on Geoengineering and other atmospheric hazards, please email: or



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Weather Warfare Continues

“Such a ‘secret war’ need never be declared or even known by the affected populations. It could go on for years with only the security forces involved being aware of it. The years of drought and storm would be attributed to unkindly nature and only after a nation were thoroughly drained would an armed take-over be attempted.”

1968 How to Wreck the Environment Link

Hurricanes, fires, droughts, and the monster arctic storm that hit the USA last week are not natural weather, but more likely to be engineered weather.

Those studying geoengineering, the intentional manipulation of the Earth’s weather and atmosphere to deliberately change the climate by various means, are aware of how weather may be used as a weapon. The U.S. has a long history of weather modification and weather warfare.


The U.S. is also a partner of the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) along with over 190 other nations and the World Bank, participating in The Global Weather Enterprise. Link

HAARP, a facility in Alaska has recently been engaged in numerous experiments, including abilities to lift up the ionosphere and alter regions of the Earth.






“A method and apparatus for altering at least one selected region which normally exists above the earth’s surface.”



Additionally, CERN, located in Switzerland is involved in experiments which also have the ability to impact the world’s weather and climate systems.




11 Facts to consider:


1.) There are no safety regulations or laws to protect life on Earth from geoengineering and atmospheric testing hazards.


2.) 193 nations are in partnership with the UN WMO attempting to control Earth’s weather:

United Nations (UN) World Meteorological Organization (WMO)


3.) The Biden administration is pushing forward on Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) Link


4.) Sulfur Dioxide used in SAI is harmful to the environment and human beings Link 


5.) The CIA has been a primary driver of weather control Link



6.) Harvard professor David Keith admitted that geoengineering is likely to kill tens of thousands of people Link


7.) Weather warfare is described in the 1968 article, “How to Wreck the Environment”


8.) The UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in partnership with the WMO and 193 nations, sets the standard for 5G.


9.) The World Health Organization (WHO) is a partner of the WMO Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Link 



10.) Geoengineering and other atmospheric hazards have been funded and coordinated for decades and must be prohibited to protect our environment and save life on Earth.


11.) Virginia UN NATO Base is “fully operational” and ready to support the “international order” Link



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Patent: Apparatus for electro-spray cloud seeding, specifically for weather modification

Cloud seeding began as weather and climate control as well as environmental warfare. Current weather and climate extremes may be attributed to decades of ongoing, unregulated weather modification and  geoengineering, involving the intentional release of hazardous pollution.

Cloud-seeding and other geoengineering activities are contaminating our air, water, and land and must be banned. -JD

11.05.2022  |  |  European Patent 3 994 976 A1 |

The present invention relates to an apparatus for electro-spray cloud seeding, specifically for weather modification by hygroscopic and glaciogenic seeding of clouds with charged droplets of selected water-based liquids.