$1,200 or $65,000? (April 8)

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SINCE OUR LAST COMMUNICATION a few days ago the American unemployment rate has skyrocketed to historic highs and is now officially at ten million.  That doesn’t include people who are furloughed, their hours are cut, and receiving just a portion of their regular salary. While ten million people filed for unemployment, there has been no widespread rent or mortgage relief. Nearly 70% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings according to and it’s obvious that people will not be able to sustain themselves for very long or cover major bills with the $1,200 dollar CARES Act relief check.

In reality we should have a lot more coming to us.  More like $65,000 per person according to Catherine Austin Fitts former Assistant Housing Secretary and Dr. Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University. Ms. Fitts says that even before the current stimulus Act was passed that, “Many of our problems are related to how the federal government and the banks and private corporations that run its operations can access trillions in secret…” For those curious about this statement you may want to start your research with Catherine Fitts’ essay “The Missing Money” where she documents how they discovered that $21 TRILLION was systematically “lost” through sloppy, or was it unscrupulous, Federal accounting practices. And if that peaks your interest look into a company called BlackRock then you’ll understand why $65,000 per US citizen is not a far fetched number. And that’s just the money that was stolen or mishandled and tossed into a financial black hole not the money that could be cut from the US’s bloated budget.

The current global lockdown may have effectively stalled local economies but the US Federal Government, like fire hydrant that’s been cranked open, is still blasting foreign aid all over the planet, most notably to Israel, while we have to BORROW THE MONEY for our own existence and pay interest on all the money we issue. Even the money we offer in foreign aid we are paying interest on! The current US foreign aid system was created by the 1961 Foreign Assistance Act. The statute defines aid as “the unilateral transfers of U.S. resources by the U.S. Government to or for the benefit of foreign entities.” These resources include not just goods and funding, but also technical assistance, educational programming, health care, and other services. Recipients include foreign governments, foreign militaries and security forces, as well as local businesses and charitable groups, international organizations such as the United Nations, and other nongovernmental organizations.

When I am President I will get even more of our money back when I eliminate the budgets of unnecessary and redundant Alphabet Agencies and the trillions of dollars spent on never ending regime change wars always interlinked with the gigantic foreign aid packages. Face it, people don’t even know how many wars the US is currently involved in or where or how their Federal income tax money is being spent. We are getting used on an epic scale.

Like of victims of domestic violence we have to end this cycle of abuse and call out the abuser. We have been exploited and our children robbed. Let’s look at this a different way, the Government wants to give us a paltry $1,200 for participating in their financial games. Our lives are worth more than that. Every American and all lives are precious and valuable no matter what. We, all together, create the dynamic alchemy of a prosperous nation. We are, in fact, owed $65,000 each simply for being an American citizen this is no matter what age, race, gender or religion. It was stolen from us in plain sight. Oh, and by the way, where is our gold? Is it at Fort Knox?

For those who still care, you can write me in, Jolie Diane, on the ballots in D.C., Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Alabama, Rhode Island, Iowa, New Hampshire, Oregon, Wyoming, New Jersey and Vermont.

Let’s give USA back to THE PEOPLE not the banks and Wall Street.



NOTE: since this post was created and with unemployment still on a meteoric rise click here to see the latest “official” numbers .  You should also look at John Williams “Shadow Stats” and see how the official unemployment rate compares to how unemployment would have been recorded before the 1980’s.